View the Oddities and Curiosities of the Mütter Museum in this Virtual Tour

Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Join Curator Anna Dhody on a virtual tour of the Mütter Museum from the safety of your home!

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Tour highlights:

0:05 Introduction and History

1:40 Hyrtl Skull Collection

4:04 Our Finest Clothing: A Layered History of Our Skin

5:15 Dermatological Wax Models

6:51 The Soap Lady

10:00 Giant Megacolon

12:10 Cast and Livers of Chang and Eng Bunker

15:05 Mütter American Giant

17:12 Achondroplastic Dwarf

18:45 Harry Eastlack and Carol Orzel

21:36 Albert Einstein’s Brain

24:06 Conclusion

24:33 Blooper!