NYCC: The Third Series of ‘The Walking Dead’ Teases New Generation of Survivors

Credit: AMC Networks

We got our first look at the newest untitled series in ‘The Walking Dead’ universe last week with a handful of stills from AMC. The photos introduced new characters and some gnarly zombies that have overgrown moss covering their bodies like skin. Now we have our first real look into what this world will entail and a new batch of zombies.

“A generation born into a dead world.”

The trailer features the next generation of kids that have grown up around the world of the dead and are now coming of age 10 years later after the zombie apocalypse first broke out. Not only is it taking place in a different timeline but the characters we meet in the trailer seem to have limited, if any, knowledge of what has taken place prior to now in the outside world. Unlike Carl and Judith these kids have never had to fight off walkers or the horrors that surround those consequences. They know how to kill – but never put those skills to use – at least not yet.

The series will premiere on AMC in Spring of 2020.

Check out the trailer below.

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