Panic Fest Announces 2019 Short Film Showcase Selections

42 Counts
Credit: Sixx Tape Productions

As the new year is on the horizon so is Panic Fest 2019! Each year we strive to bring you the best horror has to offer and one of the marquee events of our festival is the Short Film Showcase. Horror in short form my be my favorite kind. Crafting a well written story in a 15 minute or less block isn’t easy to do. Those that do it well capture our imaginations and often times make us wonder what kind of feature could evolve from such a story.

That being said lets take a look at our Short Film Showcase programming for Panic Fest 2019.



The Panic Fest 2019 schedule is expected to be released the week of January 7th. Until then you can check out the full list of feature films that have been announced so far on the Panic Fest social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and purchase Full Festival, Weekend Passes on

Single Day passes will be available January 2nd, 2019.

Panic Fest 2019