Panic Fest 2021: MAKE COOL SH!T Podcast to Debut ‘Scare Me’ Season 1 Finale at Panic Fest

Credit: Shudder

MCS Media announces the MAKE COOL SH!T podcast season 1 finale premiere on April 12 at Panic Film Fest virtually at 1pm ET here prior to its public release on April 13. Catch up on the first 7 episodes now.

The non-fiction podcast is recorded in docu-series style, with Season 1 – Make A Movie documenting horror/comedy feature film, ‘Scare Me’ directed by award-winning actor and writer, Josh Ruben (College Humor), starring Aya Cash (The Boys), Chris Redd (SNL), Becky Drysdale (Key & Peele) and, hosted by Aaron Kheifets (CollegeHumor/Comedy Central) capturing all the grit and nuance in the process of filmmaking in the modern age.

Season 1 includes topics from film writing, funding to pre-production and unexpected challenges. Wrapping up on episode 8, MAKE COOL SH!T digs into distribution and behind the scenes look of the coveted film premiere at Sundance in a haunted theater.

Kheifets said, “hosting ‘Make Cool Sh!t’ has been a dream. You get to see brilliant people be brilliant at their craft, fail anyways, then pick themselves up and be brilliant again. It’s (unfortunately) an incredibly rare thing: the real story of how an indie film gets made, no bullshit.”
“Making my first movie was such an overwhelming, cathartic, stressful ride…,”  said, Ruben. “For the process to be documented as an audio series is like having a fever dream I can relive forever. ‘MAKE COOL SH!T’ shows the legit ups, downs, and middles of what it’s like to make an independent film… and from a listener’s experience, it’s also fun as hell.”

“Josh Ruben is a rare and incredible talent. Capturing his process in real-time was a massive undertaking that took us on a wild ride,” said Donny Dykowsky, co-founder of MCS Media“Following production was an 18-month adventure of failing forward with pleasantly unexpected results. I’m so thrilled ‘Scare Me’ kicks off Season 1 of MAKE COOL SH!T.”


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