Polaroid Hid a ‘Stranger Things’ Game on Their Website

Credit: Poloriod

The “Summer of Stranger Things” continues with yet another cool collaboration, this time with Polaroid. It seems like a pretty obvious and natural partnership but the marketing for it is pulled off very well and to add to the cool factor they have hidden an 8-bit game on their site. Check out the faux commercial for the retro Polaroid camera.


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Pretty incredible. If you noticed the camera is flipped upside down and features “paranormal flash” tech to help you in the Upside Down.

“Pressing the shutter button sends light waves towards your subject, which reflect back to create perfectly illuminated pictures in or out of the shadows. With its unique blue and red colorway, this camera is guaranteed to stand out amongst your collection. Easy to use and precise in its function, you’ll feel like a pro and shoot like one, too. Just pick up a pack of i-Type film and you’re ready to go.”


You can snag one of these for $109.99 along with some special edition Stranger Things film that come in 1-packs and 3-packs.


If this wasn’t fun enough Polaroid has also hidden an 8-bit game on their website called “Monster Flash” that is sure to take advantage of that “paranormal flash” technology.  To access the Dig-Dug style game, just visit https://polaroidoriginals.com/collections/stranger-things and enter the Konami code using your keyboard (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A) to unlock it.

Credit: Polaroid / Netflix

Special thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the tip on the hidden game!