‘Halloween’ Footage Feels Like John Carpenter Behind the Camera

Blumhouse Productions / Miramax

Michael Myers filled up Hall H along with Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green who was on hand to share with fans new footage from Halloween! The panel included a new trailer cut and new footage from the film that captures the heart of the Halloween franchise with every frame that graced the screen.

Jamie Lee Curtis was asked why she chose to come back as Laurie Strode once again in the franchise that launched her career and made her one of the original scream queens.

“It is 40 years later she didn’t have any health services and she has carried the drama and PSTD all these years later. There comes a point where you are not that trauma that the story portrays you to be. The person (Michael) she knows is coming back and I am going to take back the legacy of my life and you don’t own me anymore (Michael.) ” – said Curtis.

She followed that up with what he thinks makes Myers so effective.

“What makes Michael Myers so terrifying is the randomness. Then you introduce him to these innocent kids and it is a terrifying thing.”

Jame Lee shared a touching and heartfelt moment with a fan during the Q&A portion of the panel that has survived a home invasion. The fan took to the mic stand and professed that ‘Halloween’ in a weird way actually saved his life. Someone had cut his phone lines and broken into his house with a knife many years prior and he immediately thought “What would Jamie Lee Curtis do…” in Halloween. Using that thought process kept him safe and he was able to escape. The two shared a hug after he shared his emotional charged story with Curtis. It was a touching moment for everyone that experienced it in Hall H. Watch the moment here.

Blumhouse Productions / Miramax


As for the footage itself that was shown, fans of the original Halloween will not be disappointed in the approach the filmmakers took with the beloved horror icon. At one point we get a POV shot from Myers just before it pulls into the scene. The one clip that was shared included one continuous shot of Michael Myers both in and out of frame going on mini killing spree on Halloween night. Weaving in and out of homes with first a hammer only to find the icon knife sitting on the counter that he picks up to finish his killing spree inside another home before exiting onto the street into a sea of unsuspecting sugar laced trick or treaters.

The scene drew applause from the audience just before we saw a new trailer. Check out the new footage below along with a Jamie Lee Curtis’ interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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