Director Daniel Myrick’s UFO Film ‘Skyman’ Gets a Release Date From Gravitas Ventures

Credit: Gravitas Ventures

Gravitas Ventures has acquired global rights to upcoming sci-fi film, ‘Skyman.’ Written and directed by Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project, The Objective), ‘Skyman’ held its World Premiere at the 2019 Austin Film Festival and will arrive in drive-in theaters starting June 30th and on-demand July 7th.


In 1987, just days after his 10th birthday, Carl Merryweather rocked the local news community when he claimed he was visited by an extraterrestrial life form. Despite other alleged sightings reported that same evening, skeptical authorities shrugged off the claims. Now, almost three obsessive decades later, Carl is set on a mission to reunite with the being he calls ‘the Skyman’ to not only prove the skeptics wrong but to ultimately find his own true sense of purpose. Through first-hand home videos interwoven with news footage and interviews, Skyman is a bold and compelling study of the fascinating and unquestioning world of UFO subculture.

CREDIT: Gravitas Ventures


“I grew up in an era where the talk of UFO’s, Bigfoot and the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ were all the rage and was inspired by the personal experiences from so many people not unlike Carl Merryweather,” said Daniel Myrick. “Whether you believe in the legitimacy of these accounts or not, they reveal a deeper human truth that I find quite compelling and speak to the notion that so many of us are searching for something greater than ourselves – and I’m excited to finally bring a little bit of that mystery to the big screen.”

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‘Skyman’ stars Michael Selle, Nicollete Sweeney, and Faleolo Alailima and is produced by Joseph Restaino, Daniel Myrick, Anthony Pernicka, and William Surgeon. Music is composed by Don Miggs and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.


While many theaters across the United States remain closed, Skyman will premiere at several drive in locations starting June 30th, including the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in Cinema in Austin, TX, Doc’s Drive In Theatre in Buda, TX, Coyote Drive-in in Fort Worth, TX, Ocala Drive-in, Ocala, FL, Joy Lan Drive-in, Dade City, FL and Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre in Lakeland, FL.


“I am thrilled that our team is getting the opportunity to work with Daniel, producer Joseph Restaino and the ‘Skyman’ crew on this film’s release. Movies are supposed to fly in and beam up our imaginations, they’re supposed to poke and prod our wonder. Skyman does that from start to finish and capitalizes on the best parts of UFO lore,” said Senior Manager of Acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures Nick Royak.