‘Spirit Halloween: The Movie’ Drops a Teaser Trailer with the Best Product Placement of All-Time

Credit: Strike Back Studios
I don’t know about you buy I am already stalking my local Spirit Halloween store waiting for the doors to open. Yes, I know it is only August, but that is officially the start of Halloween season in my book. We celebrate year around here at Downright Creepy but we need a trip to Spirit to bring the season to life before we hit up some haunted houses and start setting up our home haunt. 

Director David Poag and writer Billie Bates have taken that to the next level by giving us ‘Spirit Halloween: The Movie’ from Strike Back Studios. While it definitely feels like it is aimed at kids it seems like a nice gateway to introduce them to horror films and get them in the Halloween spirit.

The cast includes Rachel Leigh Cook, Christopher Lloyd (LEGEND), Marla Gibbs, Donovan Colvan, Marissa Reyes, Jaiden J. Smith, Dylan Martin Frankel and Brad Carter. 

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 When a Spirit Halloween Store opens in a deserted strip mall, three middle school friends who think they’ve outgrown trick or treating make a dare to spend the night locked inside the store Halloween night. But they soon find out that the store is haunted by an angry evil spirit who has possessed the creepy animatronic characters. The kids will need to embark on a thrilling and spooky adventure in order to survive the night and avoid becoming possessed themselves.

‘Spirit Halloween: The Movie’ comes to VOD October 11, 2022.

Credit: Strike Back Studios