SXSW 2024: ‘The Strangers’ Are Caught Wandering the Streets of Austin Ahead of the ‘Chapter 1’ Trilogy

Credit: SXSW // Lionsgate

The Strangers is getting a trilogy of films from Lionsgate, 15 years after the release of the original psychological horror film that terrified audiences and millennials alike. This past week at the SXSW 2024 Film Festival we caught a glimpse of The Strangers wandering the streets of Austin!

Taking place in the same timeline as 2008’s The Strangers and its sequel, The Strangers: Prey at NightThe Strangers: Chapter 1 will follow a couple that is plagued by the iconic masked murders on a road trip.

Originally played by Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks, and Laura Margolis who tormented Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, the three home invaders take on a new couple, played by Madelaine Petsch and Froy Gutierrez.

In the original teaser clip, Petsch’s character warily answers a forceful, harrowing knock at the door, where a faint voice asks the haunting and iconic line, “Is Tamara home?” Concurrently, as Petsch’s back is turned, a dark figure passes by her, hinting that the trio has already broken into the house, and their torture has only just begun.

The Strangers Chapter 1
Credit: Lionsgate

This callback to the original films is chilling and serves up fan service while maintaining originality.

Since then we have the full official trailer to creep you out below with a familiar scene at the end of the trailer. Witnessing the birth of The Strangers.

‘The Strangers: Chapter 1’ will be in theaters May 17th. 

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