Eli Roth Offers a Gruesome Cornucopia of Horror in ‘Thanksgiving’ Red Band Trailer

Credit: Sony

The red band trailer for Eli Roth’s latest film Thanksgiving offers up some seriously brutal kills in this highly anticipated holiday horror.

16 years after teasing splatter fans with his fake Thanksgiving trailer in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, Roth is releasing a full-length feature on November 17, 2023.

Set in Roth’s native home of Massachusetts, the upcoming slasher shows the historic town of Plymouth being plagued by a pilgrim-inspired, masked, axe-wielding serial killer known as John Carver. The killer begins gruesomely picking off residents of the commonwealth after a Black Friday tragedy, sparing nobody in his bloody path.

The film’s latest trailer shows off its cast, such as Patrick Dempsey (Scream 3) and frequent Roth collaborator, Rick Hoffman (Hostel).

Not to mention some of the film’s most gruesome kills are teased.

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“The longer this goes, the more twisted it gets,” says one of the cops working the case in the red band trailer. “The weapons he’s using are straight off of a Thanksgiving table.”

The kills include a Thanksgiving meal made out of Gina Gershon (as an undisclosed character), impalement by corn skewers, dismemberment, bodily display on a department store sign, freezing and ripping of the flesh on a freezer door, and subsequent death by an axe.

Remember—that’s just what’s teased. One can only imagine what Roth isn’t showing audiences yet.

Credit: Sony

Roth is playful in his kills, with Carver donning a black “Happy Thanksgiving!” apron as he prepares his bloody dinner. Despite its creative methods of slaughter and horrific offerings, you can already tell that the film won’t take itself too seriously—a notable and remarkable return for Roth and the hallmark of a great slasher flick.

Check out the red band trailer for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, only in theaters on November 17.