Prepare for Some Witchy Fun with ‘The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’

Credit: Decontructeam & Devolver Digital

Enjoy some casual witchy fun with Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital’s The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, out now. Create your tarot decks, earn back your freedom, and change the destiny of the cosmic witch society.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is an intriguing storytelling adventure that incorporates various characters and elements. Immerse yourself in tarot-inspired card crafting, divination, and a dynamic narrative that crosses both time and space. Within the charming, designed universe of the game, explore themes such as identity, community, and personal responsibility.

Credit: Deconstructeam & Devolver Digital

Spellbinding Story

Play as Fortuna, a Witch who resides in exile on an asteroid. Her journey involves creating a pact with a forbidden creature in order to win back her freedom. Reveal the secrets of the past and future by reuniting with fellow Witches following a 200-year exile. What’s more, encountering new magical peers, and utilizing the cards you’ve made will result in interesting options. As you explore the realm, you’ll find yourself entwined in an interesting web of secrets surrounding your coven. Moreover, this leads to a political conspiracy that will shape the destiny of the Cosmic Witch society.

Engage in a mesmerizing saga that spans decades, as Fortuna grapples with her abilities and the consequences of her actions. Additionally, creating unique divination cards helps gain insight and influences the fates of the characters you encounter.

Credit: Decontructeam & Devolver Digital

Magical Music and Visuals

Enjoy over 3 hours of enchanting original music composed by the renowned artist fingerspit. While admiring the delightful hand-crafted pixel art visuals that bring to life intricately designed witches from various walks of life.

Deconstructeam is an indie studio that focuses primarily on story-building narratives with 2D pixel art. The team prides itself on experimenting and exploring weird and unusual concepts when creating their games. Their work includes games such as The Red Strings Club, Gods Will Be Watching, and Essays on Empathy.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is now available on Steam, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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