Jill Gevargizian’s ‘The Stylist’ Needs Your Help to Become a Feature Film

Credit: Sixx Tape / The Line Co.

Indie filmmaker Jill Gevargizian has a few short films under her belt and is now setting her eyes on her first feature film.  In 2015 she wrapped production on a short film called ‘The Stylist’ starring Najarra Townsend and co-written by Eric Havens. It screened at over 100 film festivals across the globe and won 20 awards including the Jury Award and Audience Choice at Eitheria Film Night. Najarra Townsend won Best Performance in a short film at Fantastic Fest, Monster Fest, Knoxville Horror Film Fest, and Nightmares Film Fest.

Shortly after the short was complete Jill spent almost a year drafting the feature film script. Now they are trying to bring it to life through a Kickstarter Campaign.

The short is an aesthetically rich and stunning film drawing inspiration from such films as ‘Maniac’, ‘Candyman’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’

Writer Eric Havens previously collaborated with Jill on her first short, ‘Call Girl’, which he had written a few years prior before Jill brought it to life on the big screen. Havens teamed up with Jill again to help write the feature script along with some help from Eric Stolze (‘Late Phases’, ‘One Last Meal’)

With Gevargizian being a former contributor to Downright Creepy, and Havens currently on staff, it is safe to say I have some bias toward this project and desperately would like to see it succeed – but they need your help!

Check out ‘The Stylist’ short film below and check out their Kickstarter for rewards and perks. Support indie horror and lets make this a reality!


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