Jill Gevargizian’s ‘The Stylist’ Slashes Its Way to VOD and Blu-Ray This June from ARROW

Featured: Sixx Tape Productions / Method Media

After rave reviews at Fantastic Fest earlier this year, Jill Gevargizian‘s debut indie feature film, The Stylist,’ was picked up by ARROW in the U.S. and the U.K. If you missed it on the brief festival run fear not! We now know it will be streaming on ARROW‘s platform before going to VOD and Blu-ray this June.

The film was a passion project for Gevargizian that took shape originally as a short film before turning to Kickstarter to help finance the feature film. Blurring the lines between real life and film Gevargizian is a part-time hair stylist while working on her dream of becoming a director. Drawing inspiration for the slasher hairstylist Claire played by the fantastic Najarra Townsend. When ‘They Stylist’ was green lit on Kickstarter the film started to take shape and Brea Grant along with Millie Milan were brought into the fold to round out a terrific indie cast. The film was shot in a handful of days in Kansas City and we couldn’t be more proud of what she has accomplished.

Downright Creepy’s senior film critic, Eric Havens, who has been a long time contributor of Gevargizian’s projects, co-wrote ‘The Stylist’ and we can’t wait to see what is next for Sixx Tape Productions!

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Everyone dreams of being someone else… but for Claire (Towsend), that dream goes from an obsession to a living nightmare. Her job as a hairstylist allows her to move in and out of other people’s worlds, but when the right target sits in her chair, she does more than observe the client’s life – she ends it, and keeps a permanent souvenir.

Her lonely life, meticulous method and shocking secrets are suddenly thrown into turmoil when her regular client, Olivia (Grant), asks her to style her hair for her wedding.


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