Female-led Thriller ‘Trader’ Opens This Week from XYZ Films

Credit: XYZ Films

The tense new female-led thriller film ‘Trader’ lands on U.S. VOD on August 10th from XYZ Films. Exciting and filled to the brim with jaw-dropping surprises we were lucky enough to screen this at Panic Fest 2023! It proudly showcases a commanding performance from Kimberly-Sue Murray and hails from director Corey Stanton. He serves as the acclaimed film’s director, writer, editor, visual effects supervisor, and composer.

‘Trader’ is about a manipulative sociopath (Murray) armed with a dangerously ambitious spirit, her wits, and an affinity for snorting wasabi voyages into the high-intensity game of stock market trading and wages war against the financial world. When she stumbles upon news of a monumental pharmaceutical trade, she risks everything to complete her ultimate success story no matter the cost.

Check out the trailer below.

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