Our 5 Favorite Booths From Transworld 2023 Halloween & Haunted Attraction Show

Transworld Halloween & Haunted Attraction Show
Credit: Downright Creepy

It has been over a decade since the Downright Creepy crew has been able to walk the floor at the Transworld Halloween & Haunted Attraction Show in St. Louis and I personally have been itching to get back. The show unfortunately falls on the same dates at the SXSW Film Festival that we cover each year so it has been tricky trying to find our way back to the premiere Halloween show, but the dates were in our favor this year.

Never ceasing to disappoint we were able to see some incredible props, network with the premiere haunted house owners in the country and pick up some props and masks for ourselves along the way. While we could probably list twice the amount of booths here we zeroed in on our top 5 booths from the show and a few of their products.


Closed Caskets Studios

This is a vendor we have admired from a far for awhile now, but were able to get our hands on their mask in person and it was fantastic. Specializing in masks they have a wide variety of creepy pumpkin inspired masks that you won’t find anywhere else. These high end unique creations will run between the $100 – $300 range and are available on their website. As with most masks of this nature the sooner you place your oder the better. Often times vendors run out of products by the summer and orders can’t be placed until the following Halloween or haunt season.


Morbid Monstrosities 

Morbid Monstrosities recently went into the prop making business full-time. As they shared his story with me I was locked in because we all have some sort of dream like this we can relate too. I was more than happy to support his business by snatching up the creepy cat lady that will be used as a photo op at Panic Fest to herd our demon cat characters. Morbid’s props are unique hand made creations that rans from clowns spitting green vile fluid into one of it’s victims open mouths to a priest who has popped out his own eye ball and is holding it on full display. I am a fan and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


Dusk Productions

Almost everything in the booth from Dusk Productions were new products for 2023. Including my favorite prop of them all, a lifesize Pale Lady from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. While I didn’t bring her home this time she is on my watch list.

I often find creepy and traditional props more unnerving than the gory props which is why I was so drawn to many of the characters in their booth. From the classic ghost sheet trick or treat character holding a pumpkin to the smaller version of child trick or treaters that range from pumpkin, ghost, witch, devil and more these really drove it home for me. Check out their full collection on their website along with new 2023 additions that will be added soon from the showroom floor.


Distortions Unlimited 

Ed and Marsha are a staple at Transworld and if you follow the haunted attraction business at all you will recognize them from their work in the industry for over 30 years. Along with being pioneers they also have been featured on Travel Channel’s “Making Monsters” television show a few years back and have continued that tradition by releasing a fun behind-the-scenes look at their studio, process, and new props on their YouTube channel.

Their booth always features impressive animatronics and props and a chance to chat with them and their crew. My favorite new prop this year is the Pumpkin Witch. While the description is in the name it features a witch made of wood bark holding her pumpkin lantern as she makes her way through the night. Standing at 5 feet tall you can pick up this prop for around $600 (with taxes included + free shipping.)



We have featured Beastcraft products on our site and TikTok in the past and for good reason. Their props feel like they grow out of the land. Full of organic elements like bark, leaves, trees and moss they feel eerie and less gory than most vendors. They bring the earth to life around them and give us something truly haunting. If you are a fan of monsters they have you covered there too with a metal head zombie ready to chomp your limbs.



13TH Floor Entertainment Group

We have known Chris Stafford and Warren Conrad for years at Downright Creepy and to watch their growth from afar has been impressive to say the least. As one of the premiere haunted attraction groups in the entire world the 13th Floor Entertainment Group now boast 25+ haunted attractions and immersive attractions in their portfolio. They were on full display on the Transworld floor with a massive facade that you could walk through and take home for $60K.

The Dark Zone

Always a fan favorite The Dark Zone immerses you into a world of haunted attraction animatronics in the darkness. As they were meant to be seen inside haunted houses. It is an assault on the senses in a good way with constant movement, dialogue often times from the animatronics and a light show to boot. Props and animatronics take on a totally different look and feel when immersed in the darkness surrounded by stage lighting.