A Lesson in Brutality Awaits You in the Official Trailer for ‘Beaten to Death’

Credit: Welcome Villain Films

Welcome Villain Films announced their next film, the Australian shocker ‘Beaten to Death,’ will open in theaters on September 1st.

‘Beaten to Death’ unfolds after a desperate choice leads a man named Jack down a path that leaves him beaten and bruised as he struggles against man, nature, and his own insanity. Stranded in the middle of nowhere after barely surviving a horrific assault, Jack encounters one local after another and quickly learns that a sick game of cat and mouse is about to begin. Battling the deranged country psychos and the harsh landscape, Jack must go to extreme lengths to survive.

‘Beaten to Death’ world premiered at Australia’s A Night Of Horror International Film Festival and later at our festival, Panic Fest. It has become a subject of controversy and curiosity due to the film’s extreme violence, and is being touted as a welcome return to the Outback horror subgenre.

Check out the poster below, and get ready to feel the pain when you watch the official trailer.

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Beaten to Death
Credit: Welcome Villain Films