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Stranger Things Teams Up with Nike to Release Nostalgic Line of 80’s Gear

Credit: Nike / Netflix

The Summer of Stranger Things has begun with new collaborations popping up all over the place. It was rumored that Netflix has over 70 collaborations for the upcoming season of Stranger things and we begin with Nike and these cool throw back shoes and apparel.

Nike brought three shoes to the Stranger Things collection that include the Blazer, Cortez and Tailwind. What is so special about these shoes in particular? They were all available in the summer of 1985. The same year Stranger Things season 3 takes place.

These shoes will drop on June 27th and come in two different colorways. The first being the Hawkins High school colors of orange and green and the second being more on brand with Stranger Things available in red, white and blue. In addition to the cool kicks Nike is also rolling out some official Hawkins High apparel. Check out the full lineup below. Will you be the fist to try and land a pair of these sneakers? What is your favorite pair?



Vlogger Exotic Cookies got his hand on a pair of green Tailwinds and shows us some of the extra details Netflix and Nike added to the box. Including a Hawkins Post newspaper and special edition enamel pins.





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