Creepcast Interview: Aaron Koontz and Jed Shepherd Talk ‘Scare Package II’, Guts, Gore, and Keeping Physical Media Alive

Credit: Paper Street Pictures // Shudder

Directors and convivial horror buffs Aaron Koontz and Jed Shepherd chatted with Downright Creepy about their new film, ‘Scare Package II’. Koontz and Shepherd gushed about keeping VHS and other physical media alive, their love of practical effects in horror, what scares them, and what it’s like to create a horror franchise with your closest friends.

Their sequel to 2019’s horror-comedy anthology ‘Scare Package’ drops us into the dismal funeral of horror aficionado Rad Chad Buckley. It goes just as you would expect—the cinephile has rigged his funerary festivities with lethal, movie-themed booby traps, à la John Kramer (perhaps just not as smooth). Featuring some killer shorts and oozing with clever comedy, blood, and guts, ‘Scare Package II’ follows Chad’s guests on their gory quest for survival.

‘Scare Package II’ is out now on VOD, Digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray from Shudder/RLJE Films.

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