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‘Dead & Beautiful’ Trailer Promises Rich Sexy Urban Vampires

Dead and Beautiful
Credit: Shudder

Are we deep in a vampire revival or are vampires just ever-present? I don’t know the answer, but I’m here for it either way! The trailer for new Shudder original ‘Dead & Beautiful’ has one of the best varieties of vampires—rich sexy vampires! These are also not stuffy gothic estate monsters; they are fresh and hip with a stunning urban neon playground.

This group of friends seems to start out a little bored with their endless leisure time, so probably getting signed up for an eternity of that isn’t going to be ideal, but if we get some blood sucking gore along the way this could be a fun ride!

“In Dead & Beautiful, five rich, spoiled Asian twenty-somethings (Gijs Blom, Aviis Zhong, Yen Tsao, Philip Juan, Anechka Marchenko) are suffering from upper class ennui, unsure how to spend their days when so little is expected from them. In search of excitement, the five friends form the “Circle,” a group where they take turns designing a unique, extravagant experience for the others. But things go wrong when the privileged urbanites awaken after a night out, to find they have developed vampire fangs and an unquenchable thirst for flesh, blood, and adventure at any price. Directed by David Verbeek.”

‘Dead & Beautiful’ premiers on Shudder November 4th, 2021.

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