New ‘Doctor Sleep’ Featurette Takes a Closer Look at Danny Torrance

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

When I heard Mike Flanagan was taking on Doctor Sleep I was pretty excited. He has been doing some fantastic work in the horror genre for awhile, most recently, The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, so bringing him in to work on a King property was an exciting possibility.

“I first saw The Shining on VHS at a slumber party and was utterly unprepared for it – and was never the same.” said Flanagan.

Anytime you can bring a true fan on board to bring a new vision of a world that is so beloved by horror fans is a great thing. Similar in nature to when Fede Alverez directed the Evil Dead film in 2013.

Now that we are just a few weeks away from Doctor Sleep hitting theaters and Warner Brothers is giving us an inside look at some of the characters featured in the film. Starting with Danny Torrance played by Ewan McGregor. The story of Doctor Sleep focuses largely on the adult version of Danny Torrance and how he too is struggling with his past. He is a man that is now at the end of his rope and traumatized by what he has been through.

“I always wondered what happened to Danny when he grew up and always felt I had a story to tell. You can’t really recover until you reach the bottom and I wanted to see that on screen.”Stephen King said referring to the novel the film is based on.

Check out the new featurette below then see Doctor Sleep in theaters on November 8th!

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