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‘Evil Dead’ Documentary ‘Hail to the Deadites’ Set to Have Its World premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival

Credit: DiggerFilms

After 7 years of hard work, ‘Hail to the Deadites’ will have its world premiere next month at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Inspired by the 1981 classic’s cult following, ‘Hail to the Deadites’ is a documentary about the fans of the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise. Through interviews with the cast, crew, collectors, fans, freaks and geeks, ‘Hail to the Deadites’ seeks to illuminate the darkest reaches of the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise’s undying and still-growing popularity, a popularity that has spawned four films, a TV series, comic books, figurines, and surpassed even its creator’s wildest dreams.

‘Hail to the Deadites’ puts the spotlight on the fans that cultivated and spread this groovy pop-culture infection! It celebrates those who’ve celebrated the films!

”Some people might find it weird to not see any footage of the franchise in the documentary but this is what I’ve been aiming for since day one. I’m really proud to say that everything you will see or hear in this documentary was created by the fans. So, rev your chainsaws and load your boomsticks, it’s time to give the DEADITES some sugar, baby!”
– Steve Villeneuve

Beside meeting with fans around the world, the 80 minutes documentary feature interviews with Evil Dead franchise cast members such as Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Tom Sullivan ,Dan Hicks ,Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Sarah Berry, Rick Domeier & Bill Moseley.

Given the continuing uncertainty related to physical cinema spaces and large gatherings which will likely continue through the remainder of the calendar year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Fantasia International Film Festival decided to mount their 2020 edition as a cutting-edge virtual festival in August.

From what we heard so far, the movie should be available on the Fantasia online platform from August 20 to September 2nd. All film screenings will be geo-blocked to Canadian audiences and only accessible from within the country, vastly expanding the number of viewers we can engage with outside of Quebec.

Hail to the Deadites Doc
Credit: DiggerFilms