Ellie is Out for Revenge in ‘The Last of Us: Part II’ Reveal Trailer

Credit: Naughty Dog / Sony Playstation

Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic sequel finally has a release date.

A new chapter of ‘The Last of Us’ has been written and we saw the first look at a new story, trailer and game play footage at E3 in 2018 – now we have a reveal trailer that takes us even deeper into the story line. The first game changed the landscape and left fans begging for more and the wait will finally be over on February 21st, 2020.

We last saw Ellie at a party that showed everyone having a great time – a mood which would soon change when they transition over into game play. But before the chaos breaks loose Ellie has a conversation with a woman named Dina at the party. The two share an intimate discussion before sharing a passionate kiss. Dina says that the men at the party might be jealous of Ellie for dancing with Dina just before proclaiming they shouldn’t be jealous of Ellie or threatened by her, but instead they should be “terrified of her.” Which is great foreshadowing just before we jump into some gruesome and action packed game play and cinematic footage that includes Ellie slitting a man’s throat and going full on stealth mode before F’n some people up in the best way possible.

The Last of Us
Credit: Naughty Dog / Sony Playstation

So what do we know about the sequel to Naughty Dog’s 2013 breakout game ‘The Last of Us?’ It takes place 5 years after the original. While Joel makes no appearance in the first trailer he does pop-up at the end of the new reveal trailer. Which is no surprise – but something we have been waiting for. What I didn’t expect was the revenge story. When Ellie and Dina go out for a routine mission they women get separated due to a whiteout snow storm. She believes Dina may have been taken to a house and while exploring it she is ambushed. From the sounds heard on the trailer, Dina is shot. This is where Ellie declares revenge saying; “You can’t stop this.” This all hearkens back to the original trailer we saw from E3 in 2018. The kiss Dina and Ellie shared was a spark to a new relationship. Now she is out to kill those who took Dina away from her.

Creative Director Neil Druckmann told The Verge last year during E3 what themes he wanted to explore in the sequel.

“With society broken down, how far would you go for justice? How much would it consume you? How much would it take away from your humanity? How much would it destroy your relationships? Those are all interesting questions for us to explore.” Said Druckmann.

The environment of the game is now more overgrown as nature has taken over the landscape and claimed it for its own. Leaving plenty of things to hide behind to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies that lie just beyond the grassy fields in urban environments and snow drifts in the winter wonderland we see while they are riding on horseback.

Ell isn’t just fighting the undead, she’s fighting another group that is set to terrorize anyone that comes across their path. But we also see new hybrid monsters in the trailer amping up the fear factor.

Check out the trailer for yourself then pick up the game on PS4, February 21st, 2020!


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