Gigantic Haunted Attraction Coming to the Mall of America This Halloween

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Horror lovers in middle America have spent years watching longingly, or planning our annual vacations around, large haunted attractions like Halloween Horror Nights and Knotts Scary Farm, but now we’ve got a haunt of our own coming to the midwest. Forever more than a shopping center, the Mall of America will be home to a new haunted attraction this Halloween season. Advertising “45,000 square feet of terror” the haunt, titled Onionhead’s Revenge is being created by American Monsters.

Onionhead’s Revenge is set to run from September 15th to October 31st and fans can expected themed cocktails and food in addition to theatrical lighting, special effects, and media-based scare moments.

Here is the premise from the American Monsters website:

“According to local legend, “Onionhead” is the cruel nickname forced upon a young man from Slidell, Louisiana, who was brutally murdered by a vigilante mob after being wrongly accused for the murder of a young woman. Consumed by rage, the assailants hacked his body into 13 pieces and scattered them in a nearby cemetery.

Swearing vengeance, his mother put a hex on the townspeople who took her son. In the months following, those responsible for Onionhead’s murder were each victims of gruesome deaths.

Locals still report sightings of a monstrosity, hideously stitched together, stalking the cemetery… and out for revenge.”

Pre-sale tickets will be available on August 1st and American Monsters is also now hiring for a variety of positions at the haunt, all can be found via

The Mall of America is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.