REVIEW: Experience Nostalgia Fighting Crooks in ‘Concrete Visions’

Credit: VoxPop Games, Inc & DOSMAN Games

Indulge yourself with some nostalgic gameplay as Concrete Visions plunges players into a desolate and eerie world where survival is paramount. From DOSMan Games and publisher VoxPop Games, Inc., this first-person psychological thriller combines elements of survival horror, FPS, and beat’em up genres to deliver a gritty and immersive experience. Its fun and simple game design makes it so that players won’t be able to resist playing the game over and over again!

First Impressions

Players find themselves in the junkie-infested town of Stonebrook. Here,  Malone is the man in charge of your misfortune – including sending crooks to get rid of you. Scavenging for supplies becomes a vital necessity as players must navigate the haunting streets. Similarly, the limited availability of ammo makes melee combat inevitable, adding a layer of tension and strategy to the overall encounters.

Concrete Visions does a great job at creating a gritty and eerie atmosphere, immersing players in its haunting setting. But it’s not without its flaws. Although the environments contribute to the game’s creepy and unsettling visuals, some items can be easily missed from their seamless blend into the background.

Credit: VoxPop Games, Inc & DOSMAN Games

Game Combat

Concrete Visions supplies players with a variety of makeshift weapons. But the real bad boy in their arsenal is the lead pipe. The lead pipe is the standout choice from all the others, offering reliability, efficiency, and speed when going against foes. With enemies lurking around every corner, dying in the game means starting from your last checkpoint. So it’s important to always remember to save your game. However, enemy lines can become somewhat repetitive, and the introduction to the game lacks clear instructions on what all the controls do. (However, players can easily find the instructions on the game’s about us page.) The game’s retro feel keeps it very engaging and enjoyable, with controls becoming more intuitive over time, enhancing the overall experience.

Credit: VoxPop Games, Inc & DOSMAN Games

Final Thoughts

Concrete Visions’ retrospective feel and gripping atmosphere make it a worthwhile experience for anyone wanting some nostalgia. With its emphasis on survival, combat, and immersive aesthetics, this short, but memorable journey through the town of Stonebrook leaves a long-lasting impression!

Concrete Visions is available on PC via Stream.

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Concrete Visions retro feel and gripping atmosphere make it a worthwhile experience for anyone wanting some nostalgia.