‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Trailer Shows Fans a Stabbing Good Time

Screams sound good in the summertime <3

Credit: Gun Interactive

Gun Interactive debuted a grisly new trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre during the ID@Xbox Showcase. With plenty of slashing, screaming, and (s)killing, fans are in for a stabbingly good time.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an asymmetric 3v4 horror game from the creators of Friday the 13th: The Game and Layers of Fear 2. The game takes place just months before the events of the iconic 1974 horror film.

Players can choose the role of Family or Victim during each cat-and-mouse match. As members of the Slaughter Famly, players must chase down the cast of Victims before escaping. Meanwhile, Victims must work together to avoid getting caught and slashed down in a brutal display. Family and Victims both come with a unique set of abilities to aid them in their fight.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre The Game Gun Interactive
Credit: Gun Interactive

In the trailer, fans are able to see new finishing moves, places, and a few familiar faces (pre-chainsaw that is, sorry Leland). Including the athletic Julie getting her achilles tendons slashed by the Hitchhiker before meeting her bloody demise.

With a brief look into one of the new maps not shown in the technical test, we also see Sonny limping through the Gas Station and on the verge of escaping. Unfortunately for him, Leatherface is lurking in the background, ready to slash him down.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will launch on August 18th for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and for Game Pass on Xbox and PC.

Pre-orders are currently available on the Xbox Store, Steam, and PlayStation Store.


Check out the Texas Chain Saw Massacre trailer below:

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