A Claustrophobic Nightmare Awaits You in the Trailer for ‘Tin Can’

Credit: Dread Presents

Director Seth A Smith brings fever dream visions to life in the claustrophobic mind trip that is ‘Tin Can’ from Dread Presents. 

The film features Anna Hopkins, Simon Mutabazi, Michael Ironside, Tim Dunn, Kristin Langille, Amy Trefry, Chik White and rounding out the cast is Woodrow Graves.

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Cold, pale and in the dark, Fret (Anna Hopkins) crashes back to consciousness inside a small metal chamber. Inside her confined cell, Fret attempts to piece together how she was imprisoned. As a scientist, who was on the brink of discovering a cure from a deadly plague, Fret desperately works to escape her cell to save the last of humanity.

‘Tin Can’ will be in select Theaters August 5 | On Demand August 9 | Available on Home Video September 6.