3 Darkest Horror Movies of All Time

Halloween Kills
Credit: Universal / Blumhouse

Everyone has something that terrifies him. For some, it’s a long flight, for others, it’s losing much money at online casino Roulette games. However, regardless of the things you are afraid of, you will definitely get scared by these 3 dark horrors.


Blair Witch Project
Credit: Artisan Entertainment – © 1999 Artisan Entertainment

The Blair Witch Project, 1999

The Blair Witch was one of the first horror films made in the “amateur filmmaking” style. The movie received great fame and acclaim among many directors and critics. Many people called The Witch one of the scariest movies ever made. It’s hard to say how much The Witch would frighten a viewer not familiar with it now, but familiar with horror movies in a similar genre in general.

In the story, three students want to make a documentary about a witch living in the woods. The guys document everything from packing up the house and talking to the townsfolk, to filming in the woods themselves, where, according to legend, the witch lives. Something goes wrong, the guys lose their way, and start wandering through the woods, trying to stay calm and clear-headed. And the shadows around them gradually thicken until they are completely engulfed. The film itself takes place at a fairly quiet pace.


Credit: Universal / Blumhouse

Halloween, 2018

The film, made just four years ago, is a direct sequel to that very first Halloween in 1978. Michael is almost 60, Laurie (the girl left alive at the end of the first installment) is now a grandma, too. The maniac, apparently having built up enough energy, escapes from the asylum and heads back to Hiddenfield to continue his bloody work.

Michael is the darkest of all his versions in past movies. In his every move, in every swollen vein on his bloody hands you can feel some incredible level of strength, fury, and brutality. His blows on everything make you feel uncomfortable, each of his stabs plunging into the victim no less than up to the hilt. The teeth-cutting scene alone is worth it. It all makes for a darker, more suspenseful experience.


Final Destination
Credit: New Line – © 2000 New Line Cinema

Final Destination, 2000

The whole picture, from the first seconds to the end credits, is a concentrated tar so thick and black that a single glance sticks in it like a fly in a velcro trap. A picture that tells of the difficult fate of Alex, who thanks to a prophetic gift foresaw the plane crash in which he was to die along with his classmates, and was able to get off the fatal flight in time. And just when it seemed that life was returning to normal, Mistress Death enters the scene, beginning to brutally kill the lucky survivors, setting up one fatal incident after another.