The Co-writer of ‘The Stylist’ is Back With a New Novella Titled ‘The Shadow That Lives There’

The Shadow That Lives Here
Credit: Super Massive Fun // Eric Havens

Eric Havens, co-writer of the critically acclaimed film, ‘The Stylist’, has announced their first project since 2020. Their newest release, the novella “The Shadow That Lives There”, will be available at all major retailers beginning November 21st, 2023. While it is a step away from film, Havens returns to the same dark thematic tones and explorations that we have come to expect.


“The Shadow That Lives There” is the story of two sisters and a house. Blair was kicked out of the house for who she was and who she loved. Her younger sister, Alison, was left trapped in the house with a grieving mother and the angry shadows that followed.

As adults, both sisters had left it behind; leaving it to their childhood, to the past. But the house was patient. It waited.

Until it was time.

Time for the sisters to finally return to face the house, each other, and most of all, the shadow that lives there.

“I think I’ve been drawn to horror since I was young as a simple coping mechanism. There’s something about facing the darkest, scariest parts of ourselves in a very contained and safe way.” – Havens said.

Havens continued by saying; “I’m very excited for this to be out in the world. It’s been a long journey, one that became unexpectedly personal, so to finally see Blair and Alison out in the real world is very special. I can’t wait for everyone to meet them.”