3 Flicks that Can Scare Even the Most Fearless Horror Fans

Haunting of HIll House
Credit: Netflix

The first time you drink a glass of beer, the alcohol hits differently. That single glass could have you losing your mind within a few minutes. But on the next few times, you drink the same beer, you’d find yourself dawning two glasses or even a bottle of the same beer before you get intoxicated. Little by little, your body gets used to drinking that I’d take quite a few bottles to get you drunk. This is the same thing that happens when you watch a lot of horror films. The first few times, you’d be scared out of your mind, but the more you watch these creepy movies the harder it becomes for you to get scared by the antiques of other horror flicks. In fact, in some cases, watching horror movies become even therapeutic.


Seasoned horror fans are difficult to scare. Most horror stories seem really flat to them, and some might even check out Dead or Alive 2 Slots and other horror-themed games for the fun of  it. If you are one of those people who hardly get terrified and are looking for movies to bring back that numbing adrenaline rush, these three movies will scare the life out of you.


Credit: Netflix

Midnight Mass

Midnight mass is one of the scariest horror films that will have even seasoned horror fans cringing in fear. Set on a creepy isolated island, this Mike Flanagan’s series tell the story of a young man, Riley Flynn, who returns home after a traumatic drunk driving accident, to see that a mysterious Father Paul had replaced the ailing old priest who used to oversee the church. Horror takes centerstage when the new Reverend Father feeds the congregation with poisoned ceremonial wine, thereby killing them, only to later resurrect and initiate them into a league of bloodthirsty “eternals.” This movie is available on Netflix, and will blow your mind from start to finish.


Haunting of Hill House
Credit: Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House

With every successive episode, The Haunting of Hill House becomes even scarier. Also directed by Mike Flanagan, this Netflix series was adapted from a gothic novel written by Shirley Jackson. This horrific movie tells the story of a family who fled their haunted mansion in an attempt to save their lives from the ghost that lives therein. But escaping the mansion doesn’t set the five siblings free from the evil that haunts them. Set on two timelines- present day and that fateful night in 1992, this movie features enough horrific drama to spread goosebumps on the skins of even the most addicted horror fans.


Credit: Hulu

Into the Dark

Streaming on Hulu, this horror series is an anthology of different terrifying stories with each episode bringing a fresh chilling tale that’d have you at the edge of your seat. Some of the outstanding stories in season one includes “Flesh & Blood” and “School Spirit.” Flesh & Blood revolves around a depressed teenager who remains indoors after her mother’s death, but soon finds out that danger lurks around her house. School Spirit, on the other hand, tells the story of school kids who get into detention after causing some trouble in school. While locked in detention, they suddenly realize that the scary stories they heard about their school are all true. Will they make it out of detention and live to tell the story, or will they become a part of the story that no one would ever believe?

These hot and trendy movies and television shows are all available on streaming platforms, and would have you cringing with fear with each episode.