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5 of Our Favorite Horror Movie Sneakers

Horror Shoes
Credit: Unsplash // Sebastiaan Stam

It’s pretty clear that movies have far-reaching impacts even after the credits role. A Ranker article points out that movies have fueled cultural movements, educated viewers on inclusivity, and even made an impact on fashion. Case in point: about 30,000 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes were sold due to Sex and the City, while the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High turned Vans sneakers into mainstream kicks.

Horror movies have also made waves on the fashion front. To illustrate, here are five horror films, and sneakers that made waves both on and off the screen:


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Carrie (1976)
A classic pair of Adidas shoes were famously featured in another classic: the horror movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Carrie. One of the first scenes shown in Ewen High School was the students’ physical education class, where the teacher sports a white and blue pair of Adidas Nizza Lo shoes. Originally released in 1975, the Nizza Lo sillhoutes recently made a comeback in a 2020 collection which featured new colorways. The Nizza Los became a popular model in the 70s since they were great for both sports and leisure, and are considered a classic look today.


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Friday the 13th (1980)
Iconic horror favorite Friday the 13th features a group of teenagers who are murdered one by one in an abandoned summer camp. Due to the characters’ age group, it’s no surprise that most of the counselors and the campers wear a beloved shoe: a Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor. Ceros Inspire’s feature on the Chuck Taylors emphasizes that these well-loved sneakers started out as basketball shoes in 1917. But due to its popularity with the NBA in the 50s, Chuck Taylors have become the go-to shoes of young people, athletes, musicians, and more.


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Donnie Darko (2001)
The end of the world is definitely daunting, but the psychological thriller film Donnie Darko will show you how it can get worse. The main character himself sports a pair of Adidas Campus as he struggles with his sleepwalking habit and odd hallucinations. Originally released in the 1980s, the Campus features Adidas’ classic three stripes on the side that’s contrasted with a textured textile liner. Since its release, Campus has been revolutionized in various colorways, making it one of the more popular Adidas silhouettes.


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Wrong Turn (2003)
Slasher movie Wrong Turn takes place in a remote forest in Virginia, where travelers are lured into the trap of cannibals. One of the characters, Scott Korbee, fights for his survival while wearing the stylish yet functional Adidas Originals Rod Laver Vintage. This classic tennis shoe is a hard find for sneaker enthusiasts today, with many tuning into shows like the SoleSavy podcast to keep up with collecting rare kicks. Insights from sneaker industry experts can make it easier for individuals to get their hands on Adidas Originals, to a hopefully better end than Korbee got in the film.


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Midsommar (2019)
Shortly after releasing horror film Hereditary, Ari Aster followed up with Midsommar which famously showed a festival (and relationship) turning sour. Our review on Downright Creepy emphasizes how Midsommar starts out differently from most horror movies, and that feeling of unsettlement continues throughout the film. Funnily enough, one of the festival participants enters the scene sporting a pair of fresh New Balance 1400s, which is a popular shoe model that’s crafted for comfort. Unfortunately, the character has to say goodbye to the shoes and much more as the story progresses, but they remain an iconic pair nonetheless.

Even horror movies can feature staple fashion pieces that both influence and are influenced by popular culture. Plus, it just makes sense for characters to wear comfortable shoes as they try to escape a haunting or a grisly end. For fashion and sneaker enthusiasts, these shoes can sometimes make watching a film all the more thrilling.

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