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Black Mandala Has Acquired the Sci-fi Horror Comedy ‘Creatures’

Credit: Black Mandala
Black Mandala has acquired the sci-fi horror comedy “CREATURES”, directed by Tony Jopia (Cute Little BuggersCrying Wolf).
A class of astronomy students and their fearless teacher, Dr. Serling, get more than they bargained for on their latest field trip when they witness an alien spaceship crash-landing in the English countryside!

Investigating the wreckage, the students and Dr. Serling find a furry little alien called Mumpy. Their excitement at this close encounter soon turns to horror when they learn that Mumpy is being targeted for extermination by a group of bloodthirsty CREATURES from outer-space!!

Cut off by the advancing army of Creatures and with all communications blocked, the students, Serling and Mumpy find refuge in the country home of a retired army major. Gathering together the major’s collection of antique weapons, our heroes make a stand against the alien monsters.

Outnumbered, outgunned, and running out of ammo, can our heroes survive the night? Or will they be the main course at the Creature’s bloody banquet?



Credit: Black Mandala
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