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Modern Horrors’ ‘God Country’ Teaser Preaches Death

God Country
Credit: Modern Horrors

Our friends over at Modern Horrors are no stranger to great original content and they are embarking on their next great project – a feature film. ‘God Country’ is a “brutal, grim, and uncomfortable film that finds inspiration in genre powerhouses such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and New French Extremity films like Martyrs, Inside, and High Tension.”

They released a gorgeous concept trailer last week along with teaser poster. Now they need your help to bring it all to life!

“There is one thing that is absolutely certain – you outta know this, you should know it and come to face with it. Come to facts and settle this – you are going to die. You WILL leave planet Earth.”

A sermon of brutal truth and the horrors or religion when words are twisted and or dictated in such a way that can evoke horror instead of hope. Check out a pair teaser trailers and the poster below along with the synopsis.

If you want to help bring ‘God Country’ to life check out their fundraiser page for perks and more insight about the film.

God Country is not an attack on religion. It’s an attack on fanaticism. . We’re bringing that horrifying vision to life by way of gorgeous cinematography and cringe-inducing practical effects that are simply unparalleled in films of this scale.

God Country | Now Crowdfunding from MODERN HORRORS on Vimeo.


God Country
Modern Horrors



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