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Short Film Showcase: A Nostalgic Robot Trash Monster Hunt You Down in ‘Pinki’

Credit: Spike Hyunsuk Kim

Nostalgia continues to win us over in interesting ways and the short ‘Pinki’ did just that with its unique approach.

‘Pinki’ was part of our Panic Fest 2019 programming and hails from director Spike Hyunsuk Kim in Korea. To my knowledge it never received proper distribution and that is a damn shame.

“We all as human beings could be defined by many meanings and relationships with others. I believe that we also could be defined by kinds of products we care so much about as well. We leave our memories, love and spirits on them.” – Director Spike Hyunsuk Kim.

I loved everything about it. ‘Pinki’ plays on sentimental tones and gives us the decision of letting go of the past, or have it consume us. Using a robot junk monster as a metaphor for holding on to possessions to long it brings to life inanimate objects and has them battle against not only each other, but our feelings toward them as well. The story was told in such a unique and fun way. More people need to see it and bust our their Walkman’s.

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