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Robot Chicken bridges the Holidays with ‘Halloween’ and ‘Home Alone’ Mashup

Home Alone Halloween
Credit: Adult Swim / Stoopid Buddy Studios

If you’re like me, you’ve spent far too much time wondering how Kevin McCallister would fare against Michael Myers. Friends, we’re not alone. Robot Chicken and Adult Swim have not just thought about it, they’re bridging the seasonal gap with this ‘Halloween’/’Home Alone’ character swap. More specifically, bad guy swap! They’ve imagined for us not just how Michael might handle Kevin’s booby trap nightmare but also how the Wet Bandits would stack up against the three generations of Strode women in Laurie’s fortress home.

I would say this is the mash up we didn’t know we needed but given that these are two of my favorite movies, I’ve long known I needed this! ‘Home Alone’ is really just a tone shift away from being a horror movie anyway.  Watch everyone get what’s coming to them in the clip below!

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