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Alicia Silverstone is Stranded in an Open Water Nightmare in Saban Films’ ‘The Requin’ Trailer

The Requin
Credit: Saban Films

Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper are on a romantic getaway until they find themselves stranded at sea when a tropical storm sweeps away their villa. In order to survive, they are forced to fight the elements, while sharks circle below.

A similar story from 2003’s ‘Open Water’ that was based on a true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left. While the circumstances of how they got here are different the end result remains the same…which is the ocean is scary as shit. Even more scary than any movie can imagine but as someone who can’t swim I would have to volunteer as Tribute to become shark chum. Check out the trailer below.

Plan your trip to theaters January 28, 2022 to catch ‘The Requin.’ 


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