The Scariest Mystery Movies With High Ratings

Doctor Sleep
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Doctor Sleep
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Doctor Sleep

Danny Torrance, a boy with the supernatural gift of “radiance,” who survived a waking nightmare and the collapse of his family at the Overlook Hotel, has grown up a miserable alcoholic. He has to use his powers again to help an even more gifted girl, Abra, who is being hunted.

When Danny Torrance was a child, he spent an unforgettable season with his parents at the remote Overlook Hotel. His father went insane with a suddenly awakened lust for murder. Little Danny survived, except his life was broken. As he grew up, he almost drowned out his telepathic gift, known in small circles as “the glow”, with alcohol. But while paranormal spiritual power is a burden to some, for others, it’s most welcome. Danny learns of a group of mysterious hunters stalking and brutally killing gifted children. Their main target becomes the extraordinary girl Abra, who manages to make a connection with Danny. To protect her and the other “shining” children, he goes out to face his old fears and new terrors.


Credit: Warner Bros. // New Line Cinema

The Rite

Anthony Hopkins, Toby Jones and Rutger Hauer star in The Rite, a movie created through the combined efforts of American, Hungarian and Italian filmmakers. Exorcism is a science that mere mortals can hardly learn. It’s the province of the clergy. A student of a theological seminary is sent to the Vatican to learn the most complicated ritual of exorcism. He is assigned to a spiritual mentor, Father Lucas. 

The student doesn’t believe in the reality of such a phenomenon as the possession of the devil and has little faith in the plausibility of the ritual itself. However, each time he observes Lucas’s activities, the boy becomes convinced that he didn’t come to the Vatican in vain. Gradually his faith grows stronger, but not enough to cope with the next phenomenon. Lucas, too, is powerless to help a man who is possessed by an unknown force. No science can explain what is happening, and the student’s faith is again shaken.

Annabelle Creation
Annabelle: Creation

Anthony LaPaglia and Samara Lee in the horror sequel about a diabolical doll that has become a receptacle for the spirit of the cursed Annabelle. The watchful demon finds new victims – orphaned girls who move into the home of a childless dollmaker after the orphanage closes. After closing the dysfunctional girls’ orphanage, Sister Charlotte agrees to house the orphans in the mansion of an elderly couple who have graciously offered their services. 

The girls are excited about their new home – it’s bright and spacious, and there’s a huge field for play. But there’s one strict restriction – they’re not allowed to enter the room where the couple’s daughter, who died 12 years ago, used to live. Of course, one of the girls breaks the ban. The pupil crosses the threshold of the mysterious room and finds in it a doll – Annabelle. The same one that the devil used as a guide to enter this world.