Top 4 Scariest Horror Movies

Credit: A24

Horror films are one of the most popular genres among viewers. British broadcaster Broadbandchoices conducted a study called The Science of Fear Project to scientifically identify the scariest horror films in the world. As a result of the experiment, a rating of the scariest films was compiled, depending on the average heart rate of the audience during the show. The team of researchers recorded the average resting heart rate of the respondents at 65 beats per minute. In this article, we will talk about the scariest films that can scare even the most sophisticated viewer.


Sinister (2012, USA)

Horror about a writer who comes to live in a city where everyone died from director Scott Derrickson. A horror film director who started his career with Hellraiser 5. After several successful horror films like “Sinister” and a remake of the classic fiction “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, he was noticed by Marvel Studios. Apparently, it seemed to the movie bosses that this director was clearly on a short footing with the otherworldly, so Derrickson was entrusted with shooting the most magical film of the Marvel franchise – Doctor Strange.


Paranormal Activity (2007, USA)

A couple of newlyweds are trying to capture on a video camera something hosting in their house at night

Micah (Slot) buys a camcorder to film her friend Katie (Featherston). From the age of eight, she has been disturbed by ghosts, who once even burned down her parents’ house – and now, in Mika’s house, she again hears sighs and rustles. A clairvoyant of a pro-Hindean type (Fredricks), tweeting in a notebook, concludes a demon. Every night, going to bed, Mika and Katie put a camera on a tripod – and she sees the door tremble for no reason, and hears disembodied feet stomping up the stairs.


The Conjuring (2013, USA)

The film was directed by James Wan. The Australian of Malaysian origin launched three high-profile horror franchises of recent times: Saw, Astral, and The Conjuring. A small movie universe has even grown around the latter, consisting of spin-offs like Annabelle and The Nun. But it all started, as is often the case with enthusiasts, with a short film. James Wan and his film school friend, screenwriter and actor Leigh Whannell, put the nine-minute slasher Saw as their test work, which impressed their mentor so much that, according to legend, he sent him to Hollywood – and forgot about it. A few months later, Wan and Whannell were called to shoot the full-length Saw. Since then, the director has been a favorite of the box office and, in addition to horror films, also makes films about cars (Fast and the Furious 7) and film comics (Aquaman).


Hereditary (2018, USA)

The most hype horror about family rock and bad heredity. Annie Graham (Toni Collette)’s mother dies, and then a demonic threat hangs over her family. The most hype horror of recent times, which everyone has already managed to compare with the Babadook, which told about the horrors of motherhood. “Reincarnation” digs just as deep: it’s a smart horror movie about bad heredity that goes against all the rules, and doesn’t develop as you would like, which will definitely make you uncomfortable, but you will definitely want to know how it all ended.


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