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Victor Crowley Battles a Swamp Thing in New Comic ‘Vengeance!’

American Mythology Comics

American Mythology Comics, the company that published the four-issue comic book series based on Adam Green’s Hatchet last year, is bringing Victor Crowley back into print with a new mini-series called Hatchet: Vengeance!

The synopsis reads, “When a mother driven mad with grief seeks a voodoo priestess to end the beast that slaughtered her child, a new horror is unleashed on Honey Island Swamp and an unsuspecting group of teens is caught in a bloody monster free-for-all!”  Take a look at this artwork from one of the four covers for issue #1:

American Mythology Comics

The creature looks kind of like DC’s Swamp Thing, doesn’t it?  I’m sure any similarity is purely coincidental.

Hatchet: Vengeance #1 comes out on October 31, 2018.  It comes with the above cover (“Main Faceoff” by interior artist Puis Calzada, as well as three variants:  “Blood & Gore” by Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser, “Bikini Optional” by Mike Wolfer, and a special limited-edition “Bloody Horror” cover.