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Go to Summer Camp and Join a Cult in This ‘Wet Hot American Sommar’ Mash-up

Wet Hot Midsommar
Credit: A24 / Eureka Pictures

Youtuber thatmattcaronguy has created something magically wonderful. He took a cult classic and mashed it up with a cult film that is sure to obtain cult classic status.

Wet Hot American Summer is silly over the top comedy that can be absurd at times.

Midsommar is an awkward cringe worthy uncomfortable horror flick that has divided moviegoers.

“I don’t know why you invited us!”

*Que Paul Rudd flipping the bird*

When you first think about putting these two things together it seems ridiculous. But once you see how well the mash-up works, you will want to see a feature film mash up and not just a faux trailer.

The wardrobe from Wet Hot American Summer at times fits perfectly in the Midsommar world. Along with the camp goers that could potentially replace some of the Midsommar attendees. Add the score from Midsommar over the top of Wet Hot and what you have is something truly awesome.

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