Travel Channel’s ‘Devil’s Road’ Explores the ‘The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren’

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If you are looking to start your Halloween season early, the new documentary on The Travel Channel is for you. Their “Shock Doc” series episode follows Ed and Lorraine Warren and their journey to prove that God and The Devil do exist. It follows their story from the beginning, documenting how they met, and how they dedicated their lives to helping people who had encountered the very purest form of Evil. 


This 2-hour episode features never before heard interview tapes as well as unreleased footage of an actual exorcism on a young girl. Experts in the paranormal field such as Jeff Belanger, Jason Hawes, and Jeff Eno, share their stories about Ed and Lorraine Warren, the original ghost hunters.


Ed Warren, grew up in a haunted house and witnessed his first exorcism at the young age of 6 years old. He wanted to learn more and help others who had similar experiences. Lorraine Warren realized that she was a clairvoyant at a young age. She could see bright lights around people. Some brighter and more colorful than others. When she told the nuns at her all girls school that one had brighter lights than the other, she was quickly reprimanded and told she was not allowed to talk about such things. Eventually, Lorraine realized that these lights were auras and that she was able to feel and communicate with the other side. 


This documentary covers some of their most famous investigations such as The Conjuring House in Harrisville, RI which was the inspiration for The Conjuring Universe that we know today. The house was an 18th century farmhouse that was purchased by Roger and Caroline Perren in the 1970’s. Soon after settling in, strange things started happening. When cutting an orange, Caroline noticed that the orange was bleeding. Instead of orange juice, the orange was squirting out blood. There were also sightings of a man that was thought to be the previous owner, an older woman, other apparitions, and objects moving throughout the home. The Perren’s sought the help of the Warren’s.

Shock Docs Devil's Road
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Upon arriving, Lorraine walked through the home and picked up on a female presence. Soon after, the Warren’s performed a seance in the home. During the seance, Caroline started speaking in unknown languages and was even picked up and thrown by the evil presence in the home. Roger, afraid for Caroline, ran to assist her. Ed intervened and told Roger to let Caroline be. This threw Roger into a rage and he punched Ed in retaliation. The Warren’s were unable to complete the ritual and Ed later said that he did not believe the evil in that home could be cleared.

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Another house featured is The Amityville Horror House in New York. The Amityville house is where Ronald Defeo Jr. murdered his entire family.The Warren’s were called to this home 5 years after the Conjuring House by George and Kathy Lutz. The Lutz’s lived in the home only 28 days. When Ed and Lorraine arrived, everything had been left in place. Lorraine even mentioned that the condition of the home appeared that the family had simply ran to the store, not abandoned the home. The experiences in the Amityville House were terrifying. Windows would open and close, voices could be heard, beds would shake, and screaming would echo from the walls. Lorraine felt immediately afraid in the home. Both Ed and Lorraine described a heavy force, almost like water, that would push against their chests as if wanting to force them out of the home. The Warren’s wanted to complete an exorcism on the home, but it unfortunately never happened. The Lutz’s let the house go into foreclosure and moved to California. The Warren’s were unable to prove the existence of good or evil yet again. 


Several other houses are covered in Devil’s Road, and the episode follows the Warren’s through their rise to fame where many people ridiculed Ed and Lorraine. They were called hoaxers among many other horrible things, Though there are many skeptics when it comes to the subject of paranormal occurrences, one thing cannot be refuted. The Warrens, often referred to as “The Seekers of the Supernatural,” were the original investigators of the unknown. Ed and Lorraine opened the doors of the paranormal to the ghost hunters and paranormal investigators we know today.


Devil’s Road is a great way to kick off the spooky season. The newly released footage and recordings bring new insight to what others including, police, firefighters, and engineers witnessed while in some of history’s most notorious homes. The Warren’s and homeowners were not the only people to witness bizarre and terrifying events.


To find out if The Warren’s proved if God or The Devil exist, tune in to The Travel Channel tonight at 9/8 Central!


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